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Hello! If you're reading this then you're awesome, thanks!

Working on an update for this, so taken down the old version for now. Sorry for any disruption! <3


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I have an quite stupid problem:

I went into the controls page.

Then I decided to left them as the were and tried to exit that screen by pressing esc. repeatedly.

End of the story: ALL controls are linked to the esc button.
And as you can imagine, I can't even change the controls cause ..well... only esc works.
It's an unbelievable mess.

So I tried deinstalling it and reinstalling it.

But unfortunately the controls didn't reset as anyone would expect.

So I'm kind of clueless how to deal this problem now.

Is there a specific file where the controls are stored?

So that I could delete it and redownload it to make stuff work again. :-)

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience! I will make sure to resolve this issue in a future update, very sorry for the oversight :)

Save files appear to be here:
Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Stencyl\437 Underworld EP

If you delete both the files in there, you should be up and running again!

Thanks a lot!
Although I was searching like crazy for a while (since the whole appdata/romaning/etc. branch was hidden and I didn't realize it), I finally managed to find it. Deleted the 2 files there and now it works again! You can't believe how happy I am right now! :-)

PS: I don't blame you for it.
It was rather me being stupid there. ;-)

No problem! UI design oversight :) Glad that you're enjoying this! I'm in two minds about whether to expand on this version as there's loads more I'd like to add, or carry on with my intention of moving over to Unity so I can do nicer lighting and VFX and things. Either way, let me know what things you're missing after some playtime!